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Ever wanted to go skiing for free?

Snowboxx is working with We-Represent to offer you the chance to Represent and Promote for Snowboxx. You'll be given the opportunity to earn commission and a free holiday by getting involved.

Your job will be to advertise and sell Snowboxx to your friends. Once you have signed up you will be given your own unique Snowboxx sales link like the one below:


Your job is to speak to your friends and post your unique sales link online across Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else you think could generate you sales.

Once you have signed up you'll receive a confirmation email that confirms your sales link and includes a downloadable We-Represent promoter pack. The promoter pack will include Snowboxx information and sales methods - this will help you sell more holidays

A We-Represent staff member will also give you a call shortly after you've signed up. We will help you set up an Event Page on Facebook and also be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Here's what you get from getting involved!

>> Earn £10 for every holiday that you to sell <<
>> A free holiday if you sell 10 spaces <<

>> Double commission periods <<
>> £5 for every friend you refer to promote <<
>> Rewards for your whole group if you're one of our top representative <<

So what are you waiting for? Sign up below to get started. Please note that the rep system is still being finalised. We will be finalising your link by the first week in September.

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Phone number:
Reason you'd make a good Representative:
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Commission does not apply if your only sale is for your immediate group of friends

We look forward to receiving your application! Should you have any questions before signing up please email holidays@we-represent.com or call us on 02077455177

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