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Andorra is unbelievably well connected. Sitting on the border between France and Spain, the worlds snowiest tax haven can be reached by plane, coach or car really easily.


By far the easiest option. The airports to go to are Barcelona or Toulouse - both of which are fully serviced by the budget airlines. We massively recommend that you do this, especially when flights can come in for as little as £60. Its such a simple option - a 2 hour flight, and a 2.5 hour transfer, and you're here. From September, we will have flight inclusive packages available from £329.99. This is one ridiculous deal, do not miss out on it. Return airport transfers are operated by Andorra Travel Services, and are £60. Don't worry about timings - as long as you arrive on 23rd or 24th, and depart on 29th or 30th, just book whatever flights you want and we will arrange transfers around your flight times - the transfers will be operating all day long. Transfers are arranged 2 weeks before you come away. WATCH OUT: Ryanair, being the bandits that they are, do not fly to Barcelona - they fly to Barcelona (Girona). This is a good hour away from Barcelona and transfers are much less frequent.


It takes about 13 hours to drive from London to Arinsal. We estimate a total cost of £400 including petrol, tolls and ferry for a standard 5 seater car. This is definitely a viable option if there are 3 or more of you, especially if you have equipment to bring out. However, we do recommend either 2 drivers or an overnight stop, 13 hours is a long time to be awake and driving. Its an easy drive, mainly French motorways and no serious mountain roads to traverse. Stay tuned, we'll be sending out Boxxcarr rally routes, so you can come in convoy with the hundreds of other drivers. Contact us if you want us to arrange a nights accommodation for you in Paris.


We will be operating a coach from Manchester, London and Dover. For only £150, you will be able to get all the way here, with all of your ski gear. Jump on, sit back, and you'll have a stress free journey right to your hotel door. This saves you worrying about paying for luggage or equipment carriage, saves you from having to arrange transfers, and means you can sit back. The coach can be booked when you book your place, or afterwards by clicking on "Manage my Booking".

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