15TH - 22ND MARCH 2025


This page holds all the information you need for the trip. Yep, there is a lot here! But this info will ensure you have the best trip possible.

Please spend time and read through everything.

If anything is unclear, drop us an email with your booking ID on info@snowboxx.com

Pro tip: bookmark this page somewhere handy so you can look back at it when needed.

Wristband only customers will receive a dedicated pre-trip information link soon.

Before you travel

Packing Essentials

Passport: We are going abroad! Also photo ID is required to collect your wristband and lift passes, please bring a driver’s licence or passport.

Snowboxx e-ticket - Downloadable via Manage Booking from the 11th March

Appropriate clothing for skiing: jacket, trousers (salopettes), thermals, snow boots, ski socks, goggles, sunglasses, gloves and helmet (if you have one).

Appropriate festival clothing: whatever you fancy for the night time shenanigans

Fancy dress: The theme this year is Retro!

Toiletries: Including suncream and lip balm

EU travel adapter and phone charger. A power bank is a good shout too!

Locks for your ski/snowboard equipment. Better to be safe than sorry.

Travel Insurance - please check to make sure you have appropriate travel insurance for a winter sports holiday.


Remember to check in online with your flight provider and get boarding passes for all passengers for both the outbound and return leg of your flight, otherwise the airline may charge you. If you have any issues with your flight, please contact the airline directly.


You will receive your e-ticket in the next few days. It’s essential that you download and have this handy as it contains important info such as transfer times, accommodation check in location and the QR code that you will need to collect your wristbands and list passes.

You will only be able to download your e-ticket if there are no outstanding fees on your booking. Make sure you have paid 100% of your booking to be able to receive it.


If you booked ski lessons; whether that be private, group or another type please be aware you will receive a separate email with your date and time of your lesson on. Please make sure to check this time for any last minute changes to your lesson.


If you booked tickets to one of our many events in the week such as the Party on the Piste you will also receive separate emails with tickets for those. Please make sure to look out for individual tickets for you to gain access to your chosen event.


We highly advise that you book travel insurance that covers winter sports and Covid-19. Shouldn’t be more than £25 - £30. Google is your friend!


Make sure you check with your phone company this is enabled and that you have enough data to send FOMO pics to your friends who didn’t make it throughout the week.


This year we are running a cashless operation at Snowboxx that means you can use your festival wristband to pay.

A meal can cost 10-30€ and an alcoholic drink can cost 6-10€. Ensure you budget enough money over the week.

There are a few ATMs at the resort if you need to pay with cash anywhere but all festival bars and some restaurants will take cashless and card.

Bear in mind you will have to pay a refundable security deposit upon check in - more on this below - so plan accordingly.


This year we are releasing a brand new app that will be available before the event. (Keep an eye on our socials for its release).

The app will include the full schedule, interactive map, safety features, artist info, Snowboxx championships leaderboard and more! Make sure you have notifications enabled to be in the know of secret sets, artist pop-ups and prize giveaways!

Travel Info


All transfers depart from Terminal 1 at Geneva Airport, if you arrive or depart from terminal 2 you will need to make the short walk to terminal 1.

No alcohol is to be consumed on any transport and anyone deemed to be drunk will be refused access to any transfers. We have a zero tolerance policy for abuse towards our staff, including our transfer drivers and airport reps.


These are operated by Alpine Fleet.

Transfers to Snowboxx from Geneva airport

Look out for the Alpine Fleet Snowboxx desk. When you come through from baggage claim, this is located to the right of the information desk.

Look for the yellow area and Alpine Fleet staff in blue Snowboxx hi-vis and make yourself known to a member of the team by the beginning of your transfer slot. If your flight is delayed we will attempt to put you on the next available transfer.

Transfers from Snowboxx to Geneva airport

All standard transfers depart from the resort arrival centre (where you were dropped off). Transfer time is printed in your e-ticket, you will need to arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.

If you are departing after 11.30am you can bring your bags to the arrivals centre where Snowboxx Staff will look after them. It is your responsibility to make sure your luggage goes on your transfer coach, Snowboxx takes no liability for luggage left at the arrivals centre.


These are operated by Skiidy Gonzales.

Transfers to Snowboxx from Geneva airport

Look out for the Skiidy Gonzales desk on the left of the arrivals hall. The Skiidy team will check you in and walk you to your vehicle.

Transfers from Snowboxx to Geneva airport

Your lead passenger will receive a text message 24 hours before departure confirming your pick up time and location. Skiidy transfers depart from the arrivals centre or from the L’Amara reception for those staying there.

If you have not received your text message please contact Skiidy directly on +33 (0) 450 373685 to confirm details.


The resort is completely pedestrianised, meaning that all transport will drop you at the resort arrivals centre. Depending on the location of your apartment you then may want to get a snowcat or a horse & cart to your accommodation.

Arriving in resort

If you have pre-booked a snow taxi for your luggage and/or yourself, collect your vouchers from the snowboxx team at the resort arrivals centre. You can book on manage booking before the 7th March. If you have not pre-booked, you can also purchase a ticket from the same desk.

If you fancy a ride on a horse & cart you can book them there directly - starting at €15.

The resort has their own luggage storage facility at the arrival centre, which customers can use to store their luggage before check in.

Departing resort

If you have pre-booked either a baggage pick up or a snow taxi your pick up time and location will be in your e-ticket. This will be 1 hour prior to your departure from a central point near to your accommodation.

If you have not pre-booked a resort transport for your departure you can do so at the Snowboxx customer service desk until 19:00 on Tuesday - note these can only be booked for Saturday departures.

If you wish to book any transport during the week you can do this by calling the resort arrival centre directly on; +33 (0) 450 740 155. Horses and carts operate during the day and snowcats operate overnight.


If you are planning to drive we advise you to book your parking spot in advance here to guarantee availability. The outdoor car park is €70 per week and the indoor car park €95 per week.

In bad weather conditions you will need snow chains or snow tyres to be allowed to drive up to the resort. Please check local weather conditions in advance before driving to the event.


If you’re making your own way to Avoriaz, Please see the Avoriaz ‘Getting here’ page for guidance.

Accommodation Info


Check in: 5:00 pm

Check out: 9:30 am


Pay attention here - you need to locate your check in location and the location of your accommodation. Most of the time it’s 2 different places. This may not be within your residence and may be with an accommodation agency.

These locations will be shown on your e-ticket. As mentioned above, you will get this via email in the next few days.


Once you know where your check in location is, send 1 person in the group there to check in - no need for the whole group to go there. This person will need to:

  • Pay the damage deposit
  • Pay for the Tourist Tax - Only by cash
  • Fill in the Police Fiche Form

As with any other holiday accommodation, your hotel may require you to pay a security deposit upon arrival. Ideally this needs to be paid by the lead passenger on the booking. This amount will be refunded on the grounds that your accommodation is left just as found, and that includes leaving the accommodation clean - more on this below. The amount is usually between €300 - €3000 per apartment depending on standard of accommodation.

The Tourist Tax is required to pay on check in. It’s just €1 - €2 per person per night and one person in the group must pay it for all.

Last but not least, each individual is required by French law to fill in a Police Fiche form before checking in. To speed up your check in progress we suggest doing this in advance. Download the form here.

If you arrive after an accom agency is shut, you will need to collect keys from the arrivals centre. You will need to visit your accommodation agency on Sunday to pay your tourist tax & deposit. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave your accommodation and you may have your festival wristbands removed. Not fun!

Some good news though, bed linen & towels are included in all Snowboxx bookings, these should be in your apartment on arrival.


Keys should be returned to where you collected them from by 10:00am on your day of check out. Lost key charges start at €55 depending on your accommodation, so please ensure you return all keys to the correct location.

If you are departing the resort prior to your accommodation reception opening there should be a drop box to put your keys in when you depart, if you are unsure of the location of this please check with your accommodation supplier prior to your departure day.


Your apartment will need to be cleaned before you depart, otherwise the accommodation suppliers will charge you a substantial cleaning fee.

Here is a handy cleaning checklist:

  • Empty bins & take to large communal bins (poubelles) located outside your residence
  • Clean all crockery, cutlery & pots/pans
  • Empty & clean dishwasher
  • Hoover, sweep & mop all floors
  • Wipe all kitchen & bathroom surfaces and mirrors

If you do not want to clean your room please speak to your accommodation reception in advance to book a final clean, charges are a lot cheaper in advance than the cost of the fines which will come out of your accommodation deposit.

Where there have been no deductions, deposits usually take around 10 days to be returned to customers.

Before reaching out to our team, we first recommend that you request from your bank a mini or full statement from the start of the event until 1 week after the event, showing any deductions that have been made.

It is important to note that with some banks, the money may be temporarily secured but never actually debited. In such cases, clients often assume that the money is still blocked because they do not see a credit come in after their stay, but this is not always the case.

The majority of enquiries they receive about deposits turn out to be such cases where the money never actually left the client's account.

However, if you have a deduction with no subsequent credit, we advise you to contact your bank directly. Our accommodation partners require this proof before launching a larger investigation.


Please see below for reception opening times, if you are arriving outside of these times on a Saturday please see Snowboxx staff for directions when you arrive:

Accreditation Info


All wristbands and lift passes can be collected from the Wristband Collection Point in the middle of the resort. Next to the Snowboxx Help Desk.

We are open:

  • Saturday 16th: 9:00 - 02:00
  • Sunday 17th: 9:00 - 19:00
  • Monday 18th: 9:00 - 19:00

Each individual must collect their wristband & lift passes, group leaders cannot do this on everyone's behalf.

ID will be required to collect wristbands and passes.

If you are arriving late or are a wristband only customer wristbands can also be collected from the Box Office outside the Snowboxx Main Arena between 19:00 - 22:00 on Sunday, Monday Tuesday & Thursday.

The festival bars operate a cashless system. Your festival wristband has an RFID chip where you can top up credit to spend at the bars and onsite traders.

Please check the cashless section here to find out how to top up your wristband.


Lift passes are valid for consecutive days only. They will start on the first day you use them and be valid for consecutive days as ordered. For example if you start your 5 day lift pass on Sunday it will be valid until the end of Thursday.

Please take a picture of your lift pass which clearly shows the lift pass number stated on it. If you lose your lift pass you can then take this picture to any lift pass office in resort where they will cancel your old pass and give you a new one. Without a picture of your lift pass number you will be charged full price for a new lift pass.

If you wish to upgrade your lift pass please go directly to any of the lift pass offices in resort.


Your wristband is required to gain access to the festival village and all Snowboxx events. If you break your wristband please bring your old wristband to the Snowboxx info point where it will be exchanged for a new one.

If you lose your wristband (including if it was broken) you will be charged €50 for a replacement, this charge is a fixed price.


We are operating a cashless system at Snowboxx, It’s safer and easier than using your bank card or cash. It also means less queuing and more dancing.

Your festival wristband will have an RFID chip that can be topped up and used like a prepaid bank card across all festival bars, the market area, the merch stand and selected restaurants. All prices will be in Euros.

You can top up your wristband by creating a cashless account either online before the festival, or at one of our top up stations across the festival site. These stations accept card payments only. When collecting your wristband any pre-loaded credit will be added at this point.

The top up stations will be busiest during the first few days. We advise topping up in advance online as much as you would like, as any leftover is refundable online after the festival.

Please take a photo of the 6 digit code on the back of the RFID chip as this will be required to claim your refund - it is a good idea to have a record of it.

Refunds will open after the festival finishes on the 25th of March at 12 midday & the refund system will close on the 08th April 2024 at midnight.

There will be two types of top up stations on site, there will be self top up stations that will be running 24/7 across the festival site and there will be top stations that will be staffed located across the festival site and will operate from 14:30 am - 00:30 am.

More info on cashless here.


In order to reduce plastic waste, certain drinks such as spirits require you to buy a reusable cup the first time you order at the bar.

Your first cup will cost 3€. Once you have your reusable cup, you will be able to use this cup for your drinks. You will be able to exchange your reusable cup for a cup token at any of the bars.

Next time you need a cup, you will be able to get a fresh one with your token at any festival bars. This will massively help us reduce the amount of plastic used at the event so please hold on to your cup for the night or exchange it for a cup token instead of disposing of it. Cups are not refundable.

Mountain Extras

Your equipment hire shop

Your equipment hire shop will have been allocated to you based on your accommodation, this will be stated on your e-ticket. You must take your e-ticket with you to the shop with the QR code on the top, the shop will scan this code to find you on their system. You must also take a credit or debit card, the shop will take a swipe of your card as a deposit for your kit.

All hire shops are open until 20:00pm on Saturday and from 7.30am on Sunday. During the week shops are open 9am - 19.30pm. We anticipate shops being very busy on Sunday morning and recommend if you are in resort early enough that you collect your equipment on Saturday.

If you are attending lessons on Sunday morning please ensure you are at your hire shop between 7.30am - 8am and that you make yourself known to a member of staff so that you are put to the front of the queue. Please have your email ready to show that you have a lesson booked.

We recommend that you purchase the extra insurance offered to you by the hire shops, this is around €2 per day and will limit your liability for damaged, lost or stolen equipment.


You will be sent a lesson e-ticket via email which will state your start day, lesson time and group info. Group lessons start from 10am on Sunday and 9.30am on all other days. For private lessons you will have been contacted directly to confirm your lesson day & time.

All lessons are provided by ESF and start from the Plateau area near the entrance to the Snowboxx Main Stage. Look out for Snowboxx Reps on Sunday morning.

Please ensure you are at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before your lesson start time.


If you have rented a clothing package then our clothing partner Crevasse Clothing will be in touch with you directly to arrange your deposit, collection & returns process.

Clothing packages can be collected from the arrivals centre on the 16th & 17th of March. If you have any questions or have not received an email please contact Crevasse Clothing directly on +44 (0) 203 874 740 or email michael@crevasseclothing.com.

Event extras


These are all ticketed events which are selling out quickly, should you wish to join please purchase via manage booking. Once on site, you can check with customer info to see if there are any spaces left. All ticket holders’ names will be on a guestlist, please refer to your booking confirmation for reference of which day/event you have booked. If you have any special dietary requirements or allergies, please make the staff aware on entry.

Please take note of your booking ID and bring it with you, you will need to arrive in your group!

Venue: Le Grande Cafe, near Amara

Brunches: Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri (10:00-12:00)

Lunches: Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri (13:00-15:00)


Party on the Piste are ticketed events taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tickets are running low, grab one while you can via Manage Booking. When you’re on site, you can also check in with the Snowboxx Help Desk to see if there are any spaces left.

Party on the Piste runs from 18:30 to 22.00.

Your ticket for Party on the Piste includes your return Snowcat ride to the venue. These depart from behind the Tourist Office (where our Snowboxx Help Desk is located) in the centre of the resort. Check in for the Snowcats opens at 18:00 for each event and will end at 19:30, so please ensure you allow enough time to get checked in and take the short ride over to the party! Remember - you will need to bring your ID to the check in location to gain access to the event.

The event is outdoors and at night, so please ensure you wear layers, a thick jacket, gloves, hats and suitable footwear.

E-tickets and instructions will be sent in a separate email for the Party on the Piste.


The classic game of Nan’s Bingo at the Boxx! Expect crazy dance offs, conga lines, competitive final games and lots of prizes to be won.

We join forces with Dabber’s Bingo to bring you a hilarious boozy bingo experience that is sure to get you in the party mood. All three sessions are close to selling out, so be sure to grab a ticket whilst you still can! You can add these to your booking via manage booking.

Please ensure you arrive at the venue at 18:00 to be checked in, seated and grab some drinks whilst you wait!

E-tickets and instructions will be sent in a separate email for Dabber’s Bingo.


VIP upgrades are sold out for Snowboxx 2024. You will receive the following;

  • Access to VIP area with a prime spot for viewing the Main Stage
  • Private VIP bar at Main Stage
  • Priority queue to Main Stage
  • Access to VIP area at Après (first come first served)
  • Access to private toilets at Après
  • 1 x free drink voucher to be used at VIP Bars only
  • 1 x glass of prosecco for the first 150 people into the VIP area (on Main Stage nights only)
  • 10% of all Snowboxx merchandise when showing your wristband at our merch stand

You will be given a wristband in your arrival pack, which will include your drink voucher to be used at the bars at Main Stage, The Boxx and at Folie Douce Après.


For our 10th anniversary, we’ve created a super special collection with @oosc_clothing.

The collection takes inspiration from vintage ski resort postcards paying homage to our beloved home of Avoriaz.

From cosy hoodies to après-appropriate tees, funky thermal socks and the most retro headbands, get ready to be kitted out in the Alps!

We know merch always sells out, so to avoid disappointment, you can pre-order now via OOSC’s website for collection at the festival (link in bio).

We’ll have it ready and waiting for you at arrivals! If you prefer to buy in resort, find them at their stall in après - you can pay via your RFID wristband once topped up.


The Activity Slope is a new area we are excited to bring to Snowboxx 2024, where there will be. Next to Après 2, you will get to witness Snowboxx’s epic activities as seen below:

Sunday 17th March - Basecamp Sledge Race - 13:00-15:00

Monday 18th March - SnOlympics - 13:00-15:00

Tuesday 19th March - Dope Snow Rail Jam - 13:00-15:00

Wednesday 20th March - C4 Highest Air - 13:00-15:00

Thursday 21st March - Sledge Bowling - 13:00-15:00

Thursday 21st March - Gold Bar Vape Beer Pong - 15:00-16:00

Friday 22nd March - Skim Pool - 13:00-15:00


Fancy dress is “Back to the 80s” themed and will take place on Monday 18th March. Be sure to pack your best retro outfits and accessories and get your group involved!

Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer service is located at the Help Desk - within the tourist office in the centre of resort:

  • Open on Saturday 16th - 12:00 - 02:00
  • Sunday 17th - Friday 22nd - 09:00 - 19:00

Any issues with accommodation please in the first instance go to where you collected your keys from and attempt to resolve directly, if issues persist or are not fixed please let us know and we will try to help.


Snowboxx Festival has 24 hour Medical and Security teams on site. They can be contacted via +44 7517 659 293 and have direct links with the emergency services and resort facilities.

If you have an emergency on the piste, call Mountain Rescue +33 (0)4 50 74 11 13 or 112

Public emergency numbers:

  • Ambulance, Fire brigade and Police 112
  • Thonon Hospital +33 (0) 4 50 83 20 00
  • Avoriaz Medical Center +33 (0)4 50 74 05 42

If you require our assistance in an emergency please call the Snowboxx Emergency Contact number below, for any general enquiries you will need to visit the Snowboxx Help Desk located within the Tourist Office, or call the general Customer Service Number within office hours.

General Customer Service Number +44 7517 645 258

Snowboxx Emergency Contact Number +44 7517 659 293

Event info


The schedule will be available via the Snowboxx App which will be available to download soon. Please keep a look out for emails and social posts for the App download link.

Event schedules will be visible around the site and updates on the event via social media and the app.

Please arrive at venues in plenty of time before the acts you want to see, queueing lanes get much busier just before our headliners, especially at the Main Arena.


Please note that some of the locations and venues for this year's Snowboxx have changed. All locations are included in the map provided via the Snowboxx app or via the festival map which will be available on arrival in the resort.

Key changes to the Snowboxx stages:

  • Jägermeister Main Stage - Hosting four main stage nights cross the week - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Sunday night we have a special surprise for you after our headline act - stay tuned!
  • The Boxx - Located to the side of the Main Stage and will be open from Sunday - Thursday each night till 2am. Our ticketed Bingo nights on Mon, Weds & Fri are also there to kick off the night!
  • Party on the Piste - Pick up for the Party on the Piste will be at the Tourist Office where you picked up your accreditation for the show - in the centre of the resort. Guests will then be taken by Snowcat to the location for an epic slopeside party from 18:30-22:00.
  • Activity Slope - You can find it at the bottom of the resort near Les Trappeurs where you can see the likes of our legendary Sledge Race, SnOlympics, Rail Jam, Sledge Bowling and our infamous Skim Pool. Most activities start at 13:00.
  • Chapka - New venue for late night fun. This venue will host comedians on Tuesday & Thursday by our new pals at Big Belly Comedy Club, and Quiz nights Monday & Wednesday. These nights begin at 23:30.
  • Après Deux - Apres Deux by Gold Bar will be a great pit stop after a big day on the slopes. Located at Trappeurs restaurant, at the top of the Prodains Express cable car, it is walkable and skiable to and is a stones throw away from our activity slope.

Rubbish: Please don’t spoil the picturesque mountain views by leaving litter! Use bins provided and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.

Locals: Please respect the locals, they look after us while we call Avoriaz our home.

Recycling: Please split out your General waste / Cardboard / Glass Bottles / Plastic and use the large round bins provided. Usually located not far from your accommodation entrance.

Noise: Keep noise down in the hours between 10pm-7am. Remember there are other people in the resort trying to enjoy their family holidays in peace. Multiple Noise complaints can lead to eviction from the event.

Accommodation rules:

  • Take photos/videos of any damage upon arrival!
  • On departure, clean thoroughly before leaving to ensure you don’t get a fine.
  • Remove all rubbish and recycling inc. kitchen bin. Dispose of them in the large bins usually located outside each building.
  • Strip beds and put all laundry in one pile.
  • Hand in keys to reception or the accommodation agency.

Mountain Info

Avoriaz Resort Information

Avoriaz is its own independent resort as well as being part of the major Portes du Soleil region of over 12 resorts.

This means there are 2 different lift passes:

  • Avoriaz only: Gains access to Avoriaz resort and lifts only. This is great for beginners and those learning the ropes on the slopes.
  • Full Portes du Soleil: Gains access to the full 12 resorts over the PDS region of France and Switzerland. This means you have access to all lifts in the area around Avoriaz and beyond.

If you would like to upgrade your lift pass, you can do so at the lift pass office in the centre of the resort and will only need to pay the difference.


Avoriaz: View Piste Map

Portes du Soleil: View Piste Map

You can pick up a physical piste map in resort at the tourist office or download the official Avoriaz app to have it on your phone.

Avoriaz app: Download App


The general opening times of lifts around Avoriaz are from 8:30 - 16:30.

Please check times and closures when accessing the slopes for the day. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get to Apres, check out the Igloo, or one of the many Snow Parks!


Check out this website for full safety measures on the mountain.

  • Stay in control: Ski or snowboard at a speed that allows you to remain in control at all times.
  • Skiers or boarders in front of you have priority: Maintain a safe distance from those ahead of you to avoid collisions.
  • Don’t stop in the middle of the mountain: Stop at the side of the slope where you are visible to others and avoid blind spots.
  • Read the signs: Pay attention to slope difficulty indicators and other signs providing directions or warnings.
  • Wait in the queue: Respect others by not cutting lines at chairlifts.
  • Take a lesson if you are a beginner: Consider taking lessons to enhance your skiing or snowboarding skills.
  • Respect others: Give space to skiers and snowboarders of all levels and maintain a friendly atmosphere.
  • Respect the mountain: Leave no trace behind and keep the slopes clean.

Resort info

Food and Drink Information

There are 3 main supermarkets in the resort to buy groceries. Please check the Snowboxx map for locations.

Opening times vary but on average open at 8am and close at 8pm.

They have a wide variety of fruit, veg, meat, fish, wine, beer and everything in between.

There is 1 tabac store which is located opposite the Tourist Office, but you can also purchase tobacco in certain bars.

Restaurants and bars

There are over 30 restaurants and bars to enjoy lunch and dinner at in the resort.

You can read more about each one here.

We recommend you book in advance to ensure you get a space as resort can get very busy in the Snowboxx week.

Tips for vegans

We have to be honest, the resort seems to be very behind on the vegan front! However, we managed to find a couple of restaurants that had some vegan options:

  • Globetrotter: Vegetable poke bowl option
  • La boule de neige: Salad, vegetarian burger, vegetarian lasagne
  • Mountain Pizz'Burg: Can make any pizza without cheese!
  • Fontaine Blanche: Tofu Bowl
  • Cafe fantastic: Veggie burgers and salads
  • Chapka: Veggie burgers and salads
  • Le Grand Cafe: Veggie Burgers and Salads

We found a variety of vegan milks, vegan yoghurts, vegan snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables in the supermarkets.

  • Arrivals centre
  • Tourist office
  • Carrefour

The Avoriaz pharmacy, located in downtown Avoriaz by WhyNot, is open every day from 9am to 7.30pm.

Medical centre

The medical centre, shown on the map, is open between 09:00 - 19:00. Appointments can be made on Doctolib.fr.


The indoor water park is open to all and the perfect alternative to a day on the slopes. Be sure to check in for a swim, slide or hot tub!

Off-piste activities

There are various off-piste activities available:

  • Bowling alley
  • Cinema
  • Avoriaz spa
  • Panoramic flights
  • Snowmobiling
  • Horse drawn sleighs
  • Ice skating rink
  • Dog sledding
  • Night sledging
  • Laser game
  • Ice diving
  • Escape game

You can check out all these activities and how to book at the Avoriaz website here.


Avoriaz is a ski in ski out resort, so sensible shoes or boots are a must!

Useful Contacts

Here is a list of contact numbers you may find useful throughout your time at Snowboxx.

Emergency Numbers
  • General Emergency Number (999 equivalent): 112
  • Pompiers - fire service & first aid: 118
  • SAMU - french ambulance service: 112 or 15 from a french landline
  • Avoriaz Medical Centre: +33 (0) 450 740 542
  • Avoriaz Gendarmerie (Resort National Police): +33 (0) 459 741 141
  • Avoriaz Police Municipal (Resort Police): +33 (0) 620 856 517
  • Poste de Secours - Service des Pistes (Mountain Rescue): +33 (0) 450 741 113
  • Hospitals:
    • Cluses: +33 (0) 826 888 777
    • Thonon: +33 (0) 450 263 742
    • Annemasse: +33 (0) 450 822 000
  • Snowboxx Emergency Number: + 33 778 677 902
Other Useful Numbers
  • Snowboxx Customer Service (office hours): Customer Service Number: +44 7517 645 258
  • Snowcats & Horses: +33 (0) 450 740 155
  • Pharmacy: +33 (0) 450 740 141

Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry

The event is strictly an over 18's event.

All admission is subject to search.

The promoter reserves the right to refuse admission to any festival area.

For promotion, safety & security reasons, customers may be filmed at any time. When entering Mainstage Festival’s venues you are agreeing to this condition of entry.

All customers must abide with local authorities and lawful requirements, including the use of searches and search dogs - guidance regarding refusal of entry will be taken from the authorities.

Unauthorised photography, audio and video is strictly prohibited.

Mainstage Festivals will not accept any responsibility for damages or loss sustained at the festival.

Tickets are sold on the understanding that the event is subject to a licence from the appropriate authorities.

Security reserve the right to refuse entry to evening events without appropriate cold-weather clothing.

Ski boots are prohibited in all evening event venues.

Throwing Snowballs may result in temporary or permanent eviction from the event.

Après Only

Event content is not considered appropriate for children but the entrance is at parent's own discretion.

Prohibited items or any items that the Event or third parties acting on its behalf (such as security) deem to be either; a risk to the safety, security or enjoyment of others; unsuitable to be taken to the Event; or, may be used in an illegal or offensive manner (regardless of whether or not the item itself is illegal) are not permitted to be taken into any Venue or Stage.


FAQs - Avoriaz Resort

Are there any free lifts in Avoriaz?
No, unfortunately there are no free lifts in Avoriaz.

Can I get sunburnt in Winter?
Yes, especially at high altitude. In March, we hope the sun will be shining for Snowboxx so make sure you have high-factor sunscreen on your face!

Can I go Swimming in Avoriaz?
Yes, at the incredible Aquariaz centre. Aquariaz is open between 1:30pm and 7:30pm Monday to Saturday.

Do I need a photograph for my lift pass?
No, things are electronic these days so no need for a photograph. Please note, you are not allowed to swap or sell-on lift passes, the lifts use a facial recognition system and your pass will be confiscated.

I’m driving to resort, do I need Snow Chains?
Yes, for definite. Snow tyres are also great but at 1800m if it is snowing you will definitely need snow chains to get to Avoriaz. Don’t forget to check the latest regulations for driving in France; you will need a hi-vis vest and breathalyzer among other things.

I’m driving to resort, is there any parking?
Yes, you have the choice between the indoor car parks and the outdoor car park in Avoriaz. The indoor car park is €93 for a week or €16 a day, with the outdoor car park slightly less at €70 for a week or €12 a day. We recommend you reserve your parking in advance to ensure you get a spot; visit www.avoriazparkings.com.

Do ski instructors speak English?
Yes, all ESF instructors that work with Snowboxx speak English.

Is there a laundrette in Avoriaz?
Yes, the French word is ‘Laverie’. There is one in the Falaise area of the resort near the Centrale Locative office, one in the centre of the resort near just down from the ice rink, and one near the Hotel Dromonts.

Do I need to buy travel insurance?
Yes, having valid winter sports insurance is a condition of attending Snowboxx; policies will be checked at random on arrival.

What do the different colors mean on the Pistes?
The colors represent the scale of difficulty. Green being the easiest, then Blue, then Red with Black being the hardest.

What should I do if my Ski’s / Snowboard gets stolen?
Double-check the area around where you left them to make sure they have not just fallen over. If they have been taken you will need to go to the Gendarmerie in resort to file a police report. If your kit is rented you should also inform your rental shop. Finally, if relevant you should also inform your insurance company as soon as possible after the incident.

Where can I change money / draw money out?
There are 2 banks in Avoriaz both in the centre of town near the Snowboxx Info Point. They are open Tuesday - Friday 9am - 12pm. Both banks have 24-hour cash machines located outside.

Where can I get WiFi in Resort?
Most bars & restaurants will offer wifi in the resort; you may also be able to get access in your accommodation for a small fee - check with your reception.

How can I upgrade my lift pass?
Just take your lift pass to any of the SERMA lift pass offices in resort, there is one next to the Snowboxx Info Point.

What do I do if I hurt myself on the piste?
Call the securite des pistes on +33 (0) 450 741 113 with details of which piste you are on, alternatively get someone to ski to the nearest lift and get the lift staff to call for help. You should inform your insurance of any accidents or injuries as soon as possible as they should be able to assist with any immediate medical or rescue charges.

Is there a pharmacy or doctor in resort?
The pharmacy is located above Shooters and is open from 9am - 7.30pm daily. The medical center is located near the Resort Arrivals Centre and is open 8.30am - 7pm daily.

What should I pack?
Here is a handy packing list of some of the essentials to make sure you pack:

  • Passport & Visas (if applicable)
  • Sensible Shoes - there will be lots of walking on snow!
  • Ski Socks
  • Thermals
  • Salopettes
  • Snow Jacket
  • Woolly Hat
  • Goggles
  • Sunglasses
  • Scarf / Neck Warmer
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Euros / Credit or Debit cards
  • Mobile Phone
  • Rucksack (not essential for skiing)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Pyjamas
  • Warm Outfits for when you’re not on the mountain.

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